Discovery & Why It’s Important

With a creative team, you might have some great marketing campaign ideas that you’re ready to jump into executing. As great as these ideas might be, the discovery phase is a crucial step before you get started on the campaign details. Even if you don’t have the time or resources for full blown market research, […]

Video Marketing Primer

Did you know that the majority of mobile marketers say they use video to build their user base. Why? People like to consume digital content. It works. There is tremendous value in video marketing: YouTube reaches more people between age 18 and 34 than any cable network. Videos are shared by viewers 1,200% more on […]

9 Ways to Make Meetings Fun

There are plenty of creative ways to infuse some fun into meetings while keeping them on point and action-oriented. Not every idea will work for every company or even every meeting, but try one or two creative additions and see the significant change in your meeting engagement. Encourage promptness. When meeting attendees are late to […]

Don’t Forget Your P!

Too often, companies point to promotions, or lack thereof, for lackluster sales and disappointing commercial success. “Oh, have you seen IUROUE? Their marketing is horrible! They have awful brand awareness and very bad advertising.” While it’s important to develop a robust promotional strategy and execution plan, many businesses – especially start-ups or those working within immature markets […]

Direct Mail is Not Dead

Incredibly, 205 billion email messages are sent per day – that’s almost 2.4 million emails sent every second! Email marketing, in particular, has experienced a renaissance of sorts with advent of smart phones and there’s no debating that it’s a very cheap way of reaching people quickly. But there’s also another way to boost your […]

Remembering AOL

AOL put an entire generation online. Let’s think about that a second. Remember AOL? THE Internet company of the 90s? At the height of its heyday – not only did AOL bring tens of millions of people online, it purchased Time Warner in the largest merger in U.S. history, closing on January 11, 2001. What made AOL […]

Content Marketing Primer

The concept is not a new one, and the philosophy behind it is simple: information needs vary throughout the sales cycle. Reach the target market with the right content, at the right time. Rethinking Segmentation Beyond developing segmentation based on characteristics of your target market, it’s important to further segment based on the prospective customer’s […]

Marketing Research Basics

Any solution to a commercial challenge begins with market research. So often we hear people wanting to jump right into marketing campaign execution (or worse yet, product development) without fully understanding the problem at hand, how they uniquely solve the problem and how to position their solution. Whether you’re performing this research yourself or through […]