The Importance of Content Marketing

When most people think of marketing, they typically think about promotional marketing – how can you directly promote products and services to generate sales. Promotional marketing activities are important, but it’s equally important – especially if you are building up a reputation and brand – to pay attention to content marketing as well. Content marketing […]

Social Media Basics

Having a great website is the foundation for your business to have an effective online presence. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the potential of bringing in new clients through social media. Other than paying for social media ad campaigns, there is a lot you can get done on your own for free. If you don’t use […]

Shhh… Here’s the Secret Sauce

Every company, no matter the industry, wants effective marketing: marketing that drives growth and sales performance. When we have our kick-off calls, however, companies are not talking about effective marketing. They almost always articulate their marketing needs as one-off projects. “How fast can we put together a webinar? Sales needs a white paper! We should […]

Don’t Forget Your P!

Too often, companies point to promotions, or lack thereof, for lackluster sales and disappointing commercial success. “Oh, have you seen IUROUE? Their marketing is horrible! They have awful brand awareness and very bad advertising.” While it’s important to develop a robust promotional strategy and execution plan, many businesses – especially start-ups or those working within immature markets […]

Content Marketing Primer

The concept is not a new one, and the philosophy behind it is simple: information needs vary throughout the sales cycle. Reach the target market with the right content, at the right time. Rethinking Segmentation Beyond developing segmentation based on characteristics of your target market, it’s important to further segment based on the prospective customer’s […]

Marketing Research Basics

Any solution to a commercial challenge begins with market research. So often we hear people wanting to jump right into marketing campaign execution (or worse yet, product development) without fully understanding the problem at hand, how they uniquely solve the problem and how to position their solution. Whether you’re performing this research yourself or through […]