In a rut? Schedule a meeting!

Ever noticed the reaction when you schedule a meeting? Attendees generally groan and think “I can’t sit through another meeting!” It’s true that meeting overload is counterproductive, but as a leader, you know meetings are imperative to get things done. I love meetings. Meetings inspire action. Every meeting inspires action. Even the bad ones. Well-planned […]

9 Ways to Make Meetings Fun

There are plenty of creative ways to infuse some fun into meetings while keeping them on point and action-oriented. Not every idea will work for every company or even every meeting, but try one or two creative additions and see the significant change in your meeting engagement. Encourage promptness. When meeting attendees are late to […]

Shhh… Here’s the Secret Sauce

Every company, no matter the industry, wants effective marketing: marketing that drives growth and sales performance. When we have our kick-off calls, however, companies are not talking about effective marketing. They almost always articulate their marketing needs as one-off projects. “How fast can we put together a webinar? Sales needs a white paper! We should […]

Don’t Forget Your P!

Too often, companies point to promotions, or lack thereof, for lackluster sales and disappointing commercial success. “Oh, have you seen IUROUE? Their marketing is horrible! They have awful brand awareness and very bad advertising.” While it’s important to develop a robust promotional strategy and execution plan, many businesses – especially start-ups or those working within immature markets […]

Remembering AOL

AOL put an entire generation online. Let’s think about that a second. Remember AOL? THE Internet company of the 90s? At the height of its heyday – not only did AOL bring tens of millions of people online, it purchased Time Warner in the largest merger in U.S. history, closing on January 11, 2001. What made AOL […]