9 Ways to Make Meetings Fun

There are plenty of creative ways to infuse some fun into meetings while keeping them on point and action-oriented. Not every idea will work for every company or even every meeting, but try one or two creative additions and see the significant change in your meeting engagement.

  • Encourage promptness. When meeting attendees are late to a meeting, require them to sing a song! Ok, I hear you. More eye rolls. Maybe give out an unexpected half day off to those people who always arrive on time?
  • Show gratitude. Open with a positive statement from each person around the table. Did they learn something new last week? Do they want to recognize a colleague?
  • Provide a comfortable environment. Comfortable chairs in a relaxed setting can go a long way. Need a chance of pace? Take your meeting outside!
  • Show a video to get the creativity flowing. Humor is a great way to break down the walls and get the team bonded.
  • Use visuals. Brivo, a security management software provider, keeps meetings productive with its “No Rehash” rule. When topics begin to recycle, members hold up a ping pong paddle to signal a rehashed topic.
  • Hand out markers. Get the team to draw their big idea. Doodling helps people focus on listening and can keep people from multi-tasking (such as checking email.)
  • Stand up! Get people to move. Try stretching or jumping jacks before a meeting.
  • Bring in a guest speaker. Different perspectives help inspire new ways of thinking and viewing a problem.
  • Worst. Idea. Ever. Have a competition for the worst idea when creativity is at a standstill. This will get the creative juices going again!

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